Thursday, October 13, 2011

Google vs. Blackboard

Google and Pearson are teaming up to launch a new Learning Management system to rival Blackboard. Not that I exactly trust those two companies, but I've grown tired of closed systems like Blackboard with their stale environments, clunky navigation, and structural tendency toward isolation from the World Wide Web.

Not to mention the financial cost to institutions. Schools are essentially paying for webpage templates that can be set up online for free. Blackboard is a bubble company, if you ask me. I liken them to local travel agents or corner video stores. Eventually, we'll figure out we don't need you.

Protect the grading information, but everything else deserves to be open and free. You can't learn from the internet by huddling in a corner under the protection of some LMS. It's like going to the circus and skipping the freak show and the big tent. Blackboard is skilled at taking something exciting, like the Internet, and making it seem boring and controlled, like a classroom.

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