Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogging your Students to Death (The Conspiracy of Web 2.0)

I should be excited by this article celebrating blogging as a way to engage young writers. But I'm not.

Here's my biggest fear: what if "digital literacy" is just a poor substitute for critical thinking?

What if teaching 21st century skills is just a way to train students to be willing participants in an unjust system?

In short, what if kids only learn the tools so they can become tools?

I'm not a conspiracy person (Generally, I assume large governments and organizations are too incompetent to keep big secrets for long) but sometimes I wonder if the purveyors of blogs, social networking sites, and mobile devices are somehow conspiring to turn our children into perfect little consumers in an economic power structure that promotes volunteerism for the sake of making billions by mining personal data.

Yes, congratulations, your fifth graders now love to blog. I hope they also enjoy spending their free time donating their "likes" so that Google can make a profit without having to employ more people.

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