Monday, October 10, 2011

Speaking Vs. Writing

It's a false dichotomy, as this article points out, and the "speaking" and "writing" parts of your brain are an interconnected network. When you read silently, you are still hearing. When you speak, a white page in your brain is flooded with letters.

Some writers write as they speak; some speakers speak as they write. It should be called "speakiting" or maybe "writeaking."

Yeah, that last one.

Plato thought poets were liars. Jacques Derrida thought Plato was a liar. Plato had to write his dialogues down. Most poems are written to be read out loud. Many ancient spoken or sung performances were eventually written down and turned into "oral literature." An oxymoron?

Write your speeches. Recite your writing. Transcribe your rambles. Turn visual into audio. Turn audio into visual.

And so on.

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