Thursday, September 22, 2011

Robots Won't Make Good Teachers Because They Will Kill Their Students

Educational Origami presents an intriguing diagram of 21st centuray pedagogy, as well as some definitions, examples, taxonomies, and resources found here.

(By the way, is "pedagogy" a foot disease? Sounds like it.)

Whenever I hear "21st Century" anything, I think of robots. I can't help it. So, if I had to answer the question, "What is 21st Century Pedagogy?" I would say....well, first I would say, "A foot disease found in robots."

Then I would say, "21st Century Pedagogy is robot teachers and students enhancing their functionality while humans change their oil and work in their mines."

You see, robots will require a lot of rare earth material which must be mined from rare earth stockpiles in China and elsewhere. Your cell phone is filled with rare earth, for example. Although, now that I think about it, robots could just make more robots to mine their rare earth. It's worse than I thought! We will be totally expendable!

And since we're not anywhere close to figuring out how to replicate morality and compassion in robots (robots are great at computation, playing chess, searching for information, and generally dominating us at left-brain skills, but they're subhuman in creativity, emotion, empathy, self-reflection, facial recognition, detecting sarcasm and irony, etc.) robots will likely be psychopathic fascists who will recognize humans as data bits to manipulate or pests to exterminate.

This is why robots won't make good teachers. They will kill their human students. That is not cool.

So long as the acquisition of knowledge is the main goal of education, we are conceding ground to the robots.

In other words, if memorization and regurgitation are central to your course, you're letting the robots win.

Let's put the robots to work for us. They can't beat us at higher order thinking, shown here courtesy of Educational Origami:

external image model-2-300x261.jpg

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  1. This is why robots won't make good teachers. They will kill their human students. That is not cool.