Friday, November 18, 2011

System Update Successful! Education Complete! #change11

If education is about inputs and outputs, a whole lot of people are about to lose their jobs.

In the near future, information will be added to the brain as an instant system update. Most classes will be completed in milliseconds. Entire degrees even.

Right now, let's say you know nothing about the Renaissance; just click "okay" and moments later, you will know everything.

The structures of your (soon-to-be artificial) brain will be altered instantly and the information available for your retrieval. You will receive notification of a system update every time a new group of facts is discovered from some sunken ship or dusty manuscript.

What value will the former lecturers of information have? As curators of the Museum of Multiple Choice?

Education must then focus on the output, the application of knowledge. Knowledge will be acquired in an instant, but experience happens across time, and cannot be quantified and stored so easily.

Facts will be readily available and easily acquired, and thus will have less value.

The educator will have value if he or she can guide the updated mind toward creative expressions of knowledge.

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