Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Narrate, Curate, Share"

Here's a shortened version of his concept of Narrate, Curate, and Share:
At least two things interest me about the above:

1) Campbell succeeds at describing blogs as something other than journals, diaries, essays, or free-writing. It's a different medium, a different function, and a different message. Certainly many people use blogs as journals, diaries, essays, and free-writing. But their best use is something closer to the communal anthology of the present moment described above.

2) I'm a big fan of developing simple schemes for presenting complex topics, usually presented in lists of three or four. I'm reading Brain Rules right now by John Medina, who argues in a chapter called "Attention" that experts become experts not by memorizing details, but instead by creating mental frameworks based on big ideas that serve as a kind of conceptual filing cabinet. Open the drawer and the details coming pouring out.

Lately I've been telling my students that I only want to teach them three or four things in a semester. If these "things" are wide enough and deep enough, they can store a lot. Remembering the details is hard, but remembering the general categories is not.

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